about airsoft and our park


The Airsoftpark Tirol

The Airsoft Park Tyrol offers a total area of up to 24,000 m²
almost all airsoft game modes are available in the our area.
There are basements, wooded areas, open spaces and CQB halls.



  • Ticket 32,50
  • 5 Games Ticket (Pay 4 - Get 5 Tickets)130
  • DEPOSIT Arm Loop 5
* Event prices on Request

We fill HPA and compressed air bottles of all kinds.
Whether technical air or breathing air.

price till 1l: 2€
each additional liter: 2€


Airsoft Info

The airsoft gun originated from Japan in the early 1980s. The name "Soft-Air" referred to the green gas used as a propellant. Originally designed for target shooting, their bullets could also hit humans without injury and thus became popular for casual war-games.[3] Airsoft guns spread to the UK in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a company called LS. The guns were sold in pieces and had to be assembled before they were capable of firing pellets. Airsoft equipment was designed to closely emulate real guns. Since the mid-1980s, airsoft guns have been adapted with a purely recreational application in mind, and the sport is enjoyed by all ages.

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Airsoft Guns

Gas-powered airsoft guns use the pneumatic potential energy stored within compressed gas to drive the shooting mechanism, and thus operate according to an entirely different design principle to spring- or electrically powered airsoft guns. The most common type seen is the gas blowback (GBB) guns. These gas guns use an internal canister (usually within the magazine) that upon trigger-pull releases the prefilled bottled gas via a series of valves to propel the pellet and generate a blowback, which simulates recoil and cyclically loads the next shot. They are capable of both automatic and semi-automatic operation.

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